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Getting Out Of Pre-Foreclosure

Nobody expects to find themselves in a pre-foreclosure situation, but unfortunate things happen from time to time. You’re suddenly drawn into a state of emergency. When you’re about to face foreclosure, you question everything, “Do I really have to leave my house?”, “Where will I go?”, “How will I take care of my family and children?” Pre foreclosure can be a situation of turmoil and tough decisions, but it doesn’t have to be. Through our consulting, we may be able to help you get out of the path to foreclosure before the legal processes take place.


When facing foreclosure, you might face being contractually obligated to an agent for months, if not years. Sometimes you might even be forced into wasting more money because you have been asked to pay for repairs and damages present in your home. We know that no one wants to be in this situation, but sometimes the decision is out of your hands. Let us help you ease your worries.


We understand the problems you are facing and how the last thing you want to do is lose your house. We’re here to tell you that there are always options, and we can help.

How We Can Help You

Our goal is to help you out of your situation and come up with a realistic plan of action. We offer consultation to determine what the best options are for you. Selling your house is a simple process and we make it easy. After you contact us we reach out to you and strive to provide the best service possible. No agent fees, no commission, and no repair charges. Every single aspect of that is handled by us, out of our own pockets.


You need to call us immediately for CT foreclosure help. It is not easy to walk away from a mortgage but we are here to help! Foreclosure in CT can be complicated and daunting, but we help you through your situation and ultimately avoid a worse outcome.


How our process works –

  1. You contact us by phone or through our form and fill in the necessary details. One of our agents will reach out to you as soon as possible to discuss your options and ways to keep your house.
  2. If you ultimately decide that selling your property is your best bet, one of our experts will come out to review your property and propose a fair cash offer for your home.
  3. If the offer is accepted you will be paid for your property in full with cash as soon as possible and you will finally be free of the legal burden put on you by the bank.

Find Your Freedom

We strive to provide you with what you need. Our cash offers take into consideration the market prices and your needs as a seller. We buy all kinds of properties – apartments, condos, single and multi-family houses. We buy them “as-is” and your reasoning for selling will not change our offer.  If you have questions like “How to Walk Away from a Mortgage?” or “How Do I Prevent a Foreclosure?” you have come to the right place. We’ve successfully helped dozens of satisfied customers get out of pre foreclosure situation. If you’re unable to prevent a foreclosure, it can ruin your credit for years to come. We know you wouldn’t want to end up in either situation which is why we offer CT mortgage help. You don’t have to walk away empty handed because we’re here for you.

Selling your CT home for cash is really easy if you choose to go this route. This is because we eliminate the middle man. We do not depend on third parties in order to buy your house, which allows us to purchase it in cash as soon as possible.

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