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We buy houses in Connecticut and surrounding states, so be sure to fill out the form below to get your cash offer! You will receive a no obligation cash offer for your house and ensure that you get the best offer possible. You will be able to walk away from your house stress free and are not responsible for repairs, cleaning, existing problems or even house showings. Real Estate Resources & Capital LLC is the trusted one step solution to skip stress, uncertainty and delays that could occur when selling a house the traditional way. 

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  • Suffering from fire, water, or mold damage in your house?
  • Wanting to get rid of tenants?
  • Worried about going into foreclosure and losing your home?
  • Worried about selling because of code violations?
  • Struggling because of reduced income?
  • Wanting to liquidate your assets?
  • Stressed at the thought of doing the repairs yourself?
  • Sick of closing costs and other contractual obligations?

Then we are the company for you! We buy houses in Connecticut no matter what your house’s condition or your situation may be, we can help. 

sell my house fast ct
"I have an old farmhouse in Eastern Connecticut. I want to sell it before something else breaks. I don't want to spend any money or time fixing the house. What is my house worth following the property values CT?"
Don't worry, this is no big deal! You can schedule an appointment or call now to get the best quote on your house. We buy old houses in Connecticut with no investment on your end. We take care of all the repairs and closing costs and also offer pre-foreclosure advice if you are seeking it.
"I recently lost my job due to the pandemic. I'm broke and I want to get out of my mortgage. I'm currently in a pre-foreclosure period and the bank will seize it if I don't pay the mortgage in time. I have no cash to spend and I want someone to buy it with no expenditure on my end. What will my house be worth? Is it possible to sell it before I go into foreclosure?"
That is certainly possible! Just schedule an appointment, and we will work around your time frame to get you out of your house. We will give you the highest offer based on Connecticut house prices. We are interested in your house, no matter the condition. You get the cash and we take care of the rest!